“If man made it, don’t eat it,” Jack LaLanne


“If man made it, don’t eat it,” Jack LaLanne

Arriba Gold is a company dedicated to producing and delivering the highest quality gourmet dark cacao products worldwide. Founded by Ecuador-native-turned New Yorker, Andre Mendoza, in 2008, we strive to produce a sustainable product that comes from a pure source, remains minimally processed, and contains few additives, to give you the most delectable and sublime culinary chocolate experience this side of Ecuador. We think gourmet chocolate and cocoa products should be as pure as nature intended it to be, and to that end we focus greatly on the source: the Arriba cocoa bean, indigenous and exclusive to Ecuador and complex in flavor and aroma.

What is Arriba Gold ?

* Pure: all our chocolates use no- vanilla, for a non-adulterated flavor. You only buy the best Arriba cocoa made chocolate. All our skin products use only natural ingredients and ample amount of cocoa butter.

* Elite Status: Arriba cocoa is soon-to-earn appellation of origin distinction, like Champagne.

*Socially Responsible: We work with and support the farming community.

* Birthplace of Cocoa: Gene-studies trace cocoa’s origin to Ecuador’s Amazon region.

*Signature Aroma: Defined by complex floral notes, unique to Arriba cocoa.

* Value: Premier product at the fraction of price of the leading European brands.

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